Researchers UEDA Minako



Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University


Ueda Group

Research Fields
live-cell imaging, zygote polarization, embryo patterning

Axis formation during embryogenesis

Complex structures of multicellular organisms originate from a unicellular zygote. In most angiosperms, the zygote exhibits distinct cell polarity and divides asymmetrically to produce an apical cell, a source of above-ground part of the plant body, and a basal cell, generating the root tip and extraembryonic suspensor. Thus, zygote polarity is pivotal for establishing the apical?basal axis connecting the shoot apex and the root tip of the plant body. However, the molecular mechanism and spatiotemporal dynamics behind zygote polarization remain elusive. We are studying the early steps in apical?basal axis formation, mainly focusing on de novo transcriptional activation after fertilization and the intracellular dynamics leading the first asymmetric division of the zygote.

Arabidopsis ovule including the zygote expressing F-actin and nucleus markers

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