Researchers KOHCHI Takayuki



Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University


Kohchi Group

Research Fields
Molecular genetics, genomics, developmental biology, environmental regulation
Marchantia polymorpha, sexual reproduction, sex chromosome, epigenetic regulation

Molecular mechanisms of reproductive induction, sexual differentiation and sex determination in land plants

Prof. Kohchi has been promoting molecular genetic research in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha, a member of Bryophyta that is a sister to vascular plants. Focusing on the evolutionary position and its characteristics suitable as a model organism, he has led molecular genetic research using M. polymorpha as a model through international communication and collaborations, development of molecular tools, genome projects, nomenclature proposals, and genome database development. By taking advantage of the gametophyte-dominant life cycle, he has achieved biological findings related to environmental responses, reproductive induction, sexual differentiation, and sex determination. He has contributed to studies on environmental response mechanisms, such as the red light receptor phytochrome signaling, the blue light receptor phototropin, and the day-length-dependent growth phase regulator GI/FKF1/CDF complex, as well as the signal transduction of phytohormones, such as auxin, gibberellin, and jasmonic acid.

Marchantia polymorpha (left male, right female)

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