Researchers FUKUSHIMA Kazuki (Watanabe lab)

FUKUSHIMA Kazuki (Watanabe lab)

Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University


Obayashi Group

Research Fields
Genetics, Molecular Biology
Pollen hydration, Live-imaging, Self-incompatibility, Pollen number

Molecular mechanism of pollen hydration/Adaptive evolution of reduction pollen number

1. Molecular mechanism of pollen hydration
Pollen hydration is the initial process for successful fertilization. When pollen lands on a stigma, it hydrates and germinates a pollen tube. In Arabidopsis thaliana, papilla cells located at the tip of the stigma provide water to the pollen. However, it is not clear which molecules or structures are responsible for pollen hydration and how they transfer water to the pollen. To address these questions, I am investigating structural changes in the papilla cells during the pollen hydration process by using live-imaging techniques.

2. Adaptive evolution of reduction pollen number
Reducing the number of pollen is an adaptive trait for selfing. In Arabidopsis thaliana, RDP1 has been isolated by GWAS(genome-wide association study). However, the mechanisms underlying the determination of pollen number and the process of adaptive evolution through the reduction of pollen number remain unknown. To address this, I am investigating the genes responsible for the reduction of pollen number in Arabidopsis thaliana by comparing it with related species.

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