Outline Plan for Fostering Early-career Researchers

Three key strategies to foster early career researchers

Every year, approximately 30 students and post-doctoral researchers will participate in this research organization network with independent research projects and will conduct research as independently as possible but within a strong mentoring structure fostering excellently trained future PIs. We emphasize three key strategies to foster early-career researchers: 1) networking, 2) interdisciplinarity, and 3) challenge.

Networking is a major driving force to make students and post-doctoral fellows young independent-minded, active, and PI-oriented. Interdisciplinarity is best suited for students and post-doctoral fellows with high absorptive capacity, giving them the ability to overcome barriers and opportunities for career development.

Challenge is the key to becoming a PI. An in-house grant system will be set up within the project, and the proposed projects will be reviewed for priority budget allocation with an emphasis on interdisciplinary fusion, on the condition that the research is conducted in collaboration with overseas researchers. Even if the proposed project is not selected, feedback will be provided on what was lacking, to encourage improvement and further the development of young scientists.