Outline Organization of the Project Team

International interdisciplinary research through strong collaboration,
bringing together top researchers from Japan and Europe

This project brings together top Japanese and European researchers in related fields who have been already collaborating partially (Fig. 3). Ten Japanese leading researchers having tight connections with the European researchers will participate as PIs and Co-PIs. From Europe, 21 leading researchers from eight research institutions in six countries will participate as initial members, with the University of Zurich in Switzerland as the main hub, under strong partnerships between the University of Zurich with Japanese universities including the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. In addition, a Director and a Vice-Director with strong leadership will be assigned to Japan and Europe, respectively, in order to promote the project in tight cooperation with Japan. Members and institutes in Europe will expand as our project will progress.

Overseas core institutes of this project include the University of Zurich (rep, Dr. Grossniklaus (Vice-Director)), John Innes Centre in UK (rep, Dr. Dodd), and Gregor Mendel Institute in Austria (rep, Dr. Berger).