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KEPLR Project's Dual Missions:
Unlocking Plant Reproduction Networks and Nurturing Young Researchers

Tetsuya Higashiyama

Graduate School of Science,
The University of Tokyo


Our KEPLR project has two key missions. One is to understand molecular networks in plant reproduction through interdisciplinary approaches that combine molecular science in the lab and big data science in the field. The other is to foster the growth of young leading researchers with international networks. We hope that many students and post-doctoral fellows will enjoy active, collaborative, and international research, like the movement of many young stars shining in the universe.

The KEPLR Project Offers Unique Opportunities for International Collaborations

Ueli Grossniklaus

Department of Plant and Microbial Biology,
University of Zurich


The KEPLR project will foster collaborations between international partners to shed light onto the molecular basis of plant reproduction from an interdisciplinary perspective. It will create unique opportunities for young Japanese researchers to explore novel approaches and methodologies in leading laboratories, thereby promoting and stimulating scientific and cultural exchange between Japan and Europe.